Quick Steps To Holiday Decorating

1. Decide What Stays
The first step in Decorating is to decide what stays. If you have decor you love, add to it. Blend your Christmas decor with them. If you don't love it, leave it.

2. Compliment Your Color Scheme
Focus on the colors you have in your home year round and select complimentary colors that bring out the seasonal feeling. If your home has warm colors, it would be best to choose golds and reds for decorations rather than icy white and silver. Keep with the feeling of your home for a harmonious decor.

3. Use ribbon or spray paint to unify the decor
Dress up nearly any home accessory with a festive bow. Some ideas include: around lamp bases or candlesticks, chandeliers, around doorknobs stair railings, on goblets or vases, ornaments, as tree toppers and garland accents, over doorways or on the top of picture frames.

4. Add Freshness with greenery
One bunch of fresh greens can go a long way around the house. Place little sprigs of flat cedar on shelves, in a bunch next to sinks, around the base of candles, or to top a holiday napkin. Pile evergreen branches into a basket next to the fireplace or a container hung on the front door. Tie tiny sprigs to napkins or onto a package for an easy holiday touch.

Here are some quick arrangement ideas.

1. Use leftover greens from your Christmas tree to make a few quick arrangements in simple bowls.
2. Place salt in clear glass, add evergreen sprigs and arrange in a bookcase, on the bath sink, on the kitchen window sill, and on occasional tables.
3. Pile pine cones with ornaments and greens & bow in a bowl or basket.
4. Gather sprigs of holiday greens together with a bow and hang them from the inside of your windows.
5. Decorate your bathroom or kitchen with a small poinsettia.
6. Collect branches of evergreen and make a simple swag for your bedroom doors.
7. Tie evergreen sprigs onto candles with a pretty ribbon. Add colourful, small ornaments.
8. Sprinkle artificial snow across your tabletop or buffet or on house plants.
9. Embellish indoor plants or trees with shiny ornaments or bows.