Budget Storage Solutions For Kid Rooms

  • Wooden fruit and vegetable boxes make ideal storage containers for toys and shoes. Sand lightly and then varnish or stain to match the décor of the room. These boxes can also be attached to your child’s wall and used as a form of shelving.
  • Small treasures can find a home in paper wrapped shoe boxes.  
  • Round cardboard or plastic bins from wallpaper, ice cream or fabric shops are ideal for all kinds of kid room stuff including artwork, umbrellas, bats etc. These round bins can be painted or covered in wallpaper or fabric to match the kid room décor. You may also wish to affix wheels or castors to them for mobility sake.  
  • Plastic waste paper bins and laundry baskets found in most department and dollar stores make great toy containers.  
  • Hanging mesh vegetable baskets are perfect for both decorative items and for cherished kid room stuff your child wants to access frequently.