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Real Estate Agents Need Home Stagers In A Slow Market!

By Debra Gould

Home stagers can become a real estate agent’s greatest ally in a slow housing market.

Real estate agents don’t make any money until a home sells, so they become desperate for their clients’ homes to stand apart from competing properties. And to make things even worse, the longer an agent carries a listing, the more it costs them in marketing fees.

Savvy real estate agents are recommending home staging to their clients more frequently, as a way to draw attention to their listings and to sell homes faster-thereby reducing, if not eliminating, the need for price reductions. This is important for a real estate agent because as the listing price on one of their properties dwindles, so does their commission pay out.


Preparing to Sell Your Home is a Very Stressful Time

As with any major life change, preparing and selling your home can be very stressful. Undoubtedly, many fears are triggered.

  • Which real estate agent should I list with?
  • Will the house be ready on time?
  • Are we making the right decision?
  • What if we get stuck owning two houses?
  • Where can I put all this stuff?
  • What will the home stager think of me when she sees this mess?
  • Why didn't I decorate before now?
  • Who can I get for repairs, gardening, painting and cleaning?
  • Do all my rooms need to be furnished?
  • How will I cope with showings

When you hire a professional home stager, part of their role is calming these anxieties and answering your questions.