Preparing to Sell Your Home is a Very Stressful Time


As with any major life change, preparing and selling your home can be very stressful. Undoubtedly, many fears are triggered.

  • Which real estate agent should I list with?
  • Will the house be ready on time?
  • Are we making the right decision?
  • What if we get stuck owning two houses?
  • Where can I put all this stuff?
  • What will the home stager think of me when she sees this mess?
  • Why didn't I decorate before now?
  • Who can I get for repairs, gardening, painting and cleaning?
  • Do all my rooms need to be furnished?
  • How will I cope with showings

When you hire a professional home stager, part of their role is calming these anxieties and answering your questions.

Before hiring anyone, ask yourself:

  • Does this person seem organized, calm and in control?
  • Do they listen to my needs?

Don’t be penny wise and pound foolish.

Beware of hiring a Home Stager based on price alone. You may save yourself a couple of hundred dollars only to close the tens of thousands you could have earned if your home was staged properly from day one. Once you decide to work with Fabia, the next step is a 2 to 3 hour Staging by Design consultation in your home. This initial consultation is both information and working session.

Many of your rooms will be transformed during this initial meeting. You choose how much of the remaining work you want to do on your own and how much you want to leave to the professionals. Either way, you will have a very specific action plan and less anxiety about getting your home ready to sell.

If items need to be rented or purchased to finish your home, you will get a planning budget at this first meeting. Too busy to shop? With your approval to the budget, the Six Elements team will source all the items and be there to put them in place— right down to floral arrangements, hanging art and placing accessories.

If you need furniture or clutter storage, painting, repairs or even minor renovations, we have suppliers who give Vision Design & Staging Clients priority service. This is critical when you have little time before your house hits the market. From room by room makeovers to organizing your home to be seen at its best—services are tailored to your budget, experience and comfort level.

The guiding principle is always determining which efforts will make the most significant difference in the actual sale of your home.

Bottom line is that the staging process can make a huge difference in the outcome when you put your home on the market. Whether you are decorating your house to sell, or planning on sta
ying where you are this before and after story will help you see the potential that waits in the next room. Studies have shown that renovating the main bathroom in a home has an estimated pay back of 60% to 65% when the home is resold. But it can cost well over $5000 to complete, not to mention the significant inconvenience.

Before calling a contractor, consider whether cosmetic changes will be enough to get the look you need for resale, or better yet, for you to enjoy until it's time to sell.
Look at things like:

  • paint
  • cabinet hardware
  • towel bars, toilet roll holders, hooks
  • lighting and mirrors
  • faucet and tap sets
  • attractive shower curtains and coordinating towels
  • art and flowers

Home Staging is more than just "decorating" or "de-cluttering." Done properly, it is merchandising a home's best features, down playing its flaws and understanding the psychology of what makes a person fall in love with a home.

Done right, home staging provides an excellent return on investment — helping you sell your home more quickly and for top dollar (forget weeks/months of endless and inconvenient showings).