Staging 201: Beyond The Basics

05So you’ve read all about how to Stage your home and everyone says the same things. Declutter, clean up and paint it neutral. Well you’ve done that, now what? If you really want your
home to stand out, there are a few more things you should focus on.

1. Coordinate your room décor
To help a room look professional decorated pick a colour scheme and stick to it. Start with an item you love and pull the colours from it or walk into your favorite paint store and pick a
scheme. Then buy artwork, rugs, pillow, throws and décor that coordinate with it.Get inspired with a few of my favorite colour schemes.

2. Emphasize luxurious surroundings
Think five star hotels and make your Kitchen, Master Bedroom and Ensuite as luxurious as you can afford. Complete with luxury bedding, fluffy pillows, plush robes/towels, and chair to sit and read.

You can also update faucets, door handles, and hardware and a frame to the mirrors in the bathrooms.

3. Get the lighting right
I mean both the right lighting and the right way to light a room. Change out those builders grade fixtures and light your rooms with three basic types of lighting General, Task and Accent. Use all of them and watch your room shine!

4. Choose wisely where you spend your Renovation Dollars
Kitchens, Bathrooms and floor are where you will get great bang for your buck. So if these things need updating consider doing it or break my heart & your pocket book and leave that equity to the next buyer. Find out more about the return on your home staging investment by reading Pump up the Value.

5. Add square footage with an outdoor room
Use attractive patio furniture, outdoor rugs and curtains to highlight outdoor spaces. And a focal point by hanging outdoor artwork on a fence or potted plants with brightly coloured flowers.

As always, we are here to help you. If you need help with these tips or any other design problem contact us at