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Hung With Care

By Andrew Hind for The Sideroads

Ornaments sparkle on green branches, bushy wreaths hang from doors, and big bows dress up garlands. Everywhere you look, there's the sparkle of silver and gold making spirits bright. And there, hanging upon the mantle just as they have been for centuries, are stockings with trim of white, bringing a nostalgic glow to adult faces and expectant smiles to little ones.

Hanging stockings on the fireplace mantle is as much a part of the Christmas celebration as having the beautifully decorated tree. Though in modern times the stocking is most often used as a place to put smaller presents that might normally get lost under the tree, it's role throughout history has been as varied as the many legends associated with its origins.


Making Your Masterpiece

Has your perfect home been created yet? Not everyone can expend the time required to design and build their own dream home; so many buyers seek move-in ready homes. Managing today’s busy family schedules can make incorporating renovations extremely challenging. Considering homes come in as many variations as people do, what do you do if you don’t find the one? You may choose to settle with close enough and move in with a plan to one day transform the house to reflect your unique identity.

Consequently, an inherent risk is placing your furnishings in a  temporary location only to find them in the same place five years later realizing you’ve never really felt at home. Perhaps it’s time to shake things up and renew the way you feel in your home, but how do you do that? Before you call a designer here are a few things to consider.


Desprate House Seller Makes $80,000

By: Debra Gould

Before finally hiring Staging Diva Graduate Fabia MacNair, a desperate house seller had accepted an offer of $250,000 for her home knowing it was worth more. She wasn't interested in doing the work needed to complete the home staging to-do list, however, because she just wanted to sell. Fabia hated that her hands were tied and the seller was losing so much equity for the sake of a little elbow grease. But nothing could be done with a signed offer and a date with the lawyers.