Desprate House Seller Makes $80,000

By: Debra Gould

Before finally hiring Staging Diva Graduate Fabia MacNair, a desperate house seller had accepted an offer of $250,000 for her home knowing it was worth more. She wasn't interested in doing the work needed to complete the home staging to-do list, however, because she just wanted to sell. Fabia hated that her hands were tied and the seller was losing so much equity for the sake of a little elbow grease. But nothing could be done with a signed offer and a date with the lawyers.

In an odd twist of fate, the deal fell through and as soon as she left the lawyer's office, the homeowner called Styling Spaces.

The homeowner took down notes during her two-hour consultation with Fabia and followed her advice to the letter doing a clean-up and making repairs. Fabia helped choose the rental furniture and prepare the home for showings. The work was done two weeks after the original deal fell through.

After the first open house, the home sold for $330,000 after an investment of less than $6000! Remember this house seller originally accepted $250,000. So that's an extra $80,000 after spending $6,000. I've always said home staging is one of the few legal ways to see such a quick return on an investment, especially when you consider what's happening on the stock market.

The homeowner was obviously thrilled and now Fabia has this glowing testimonial to use in her marketing,

We were ready to sell the house, as is, because we didn't want to spend the time or the money fixing it. When the deal fell through I invited Fabia over to see what needed to be done so that I could make my proper profit. My sister and I did as Fabia suggested and with two weeks work, in between my full time job, we went through the home staging to-do list and made all the design and redesign changes. I spent about $6000 on construction materials, furniture rental and her fees. I had doubts about putting in the amount of work that Fabia said I should, but when it was done, it sold on the first day. I'd have to work two years to make profits like that!