Don't Let Your House Have A Bad Hair Day!


Ever have one of those days when you just don't feel right and don't know why? You just feel off. You're having a bad hair day; your clothes don't seem to fit right, so instead of exercising or working on your attitude you go out and buy some new clothes? I've been there, and it usually ends in buyer's remorse.

The same thing can happen with your home. Although you might think a new sofa or a flat screen TV will get your home out of its frumpy slump, you might be better off starting with a few cheap strategies for home improvement...

1. Clean your home
It's usually the single best way to improve your environment, and it costs nothing. Plus, even a new sofa won't fix a dirty house.

2. Get rid of something
It's free and free-ing. The bonus? Helping your HOME lose weight is a lot easier than dieting.

3. Lay off the idea of perfect
Just as ads make it seem like everyone's a beautiful underweight 21-year-old, home magazines and blogs (yes, us too) of ten feature beautiful homes that can make your own space seem like it doesn't measure up. Work on learning to love your home for what it is. Besides, no one lives like that. They call it "picture perfect" because it's only "perfect" until the picture is taken then real life takes over.

4. Paint
Nothing perks up a room like a fresh coat of paint, and the right color can offset things you already own, elevating your whole Home to a new level.

5. Rearrange your furniture
It's a really effective way to change your outlook on your home, it's free, and it gives you a good workout.

6. Upgrade something
This doesn't necessarily mean you need to buy something new - you can revive an old piece of furniture with a coat of paint, reupholster a chair, or make a slipcover for something.

7. Fix something
You know that drippy faucet, torn window screen, or broken doorknob? You'll feel better once it works again.

8. Call Styling Spaces
As you start on your TODO list for the fall like storing your patio furniture and tuck away your favourite garden ornaments. Realize It's that time of year to move back indoors.

So, what are you moving back into? Is your home ready for you? Are YOU ready for your home? Give Styling Spaces a call today to bring your space to a level of cozy, comfort that you'll love being in during the cold winter months. A clean and clutter free home is the best nest for you and creates a calm retreat that you can relax into. You don't have to sell your house to stage it. Treat yourself to the gift of harmony within the walls of your home. Contact Styling Spaces today and we'll ensure you love your home enough to spend many winters in it! We even help you decorate for the holidays.