Interior Design Help to Brighten a Room

Are you looking to brighten up a room? Bright colors usually feel a bit juvenile but with a little work and a reversal in your usual thinking you can create a bright sophisticated room for yourself or the young at heart.

Instead of putting bright color on your walls, paint them white and try some colorful artwork and bedding to mix things up. A quirky patterned pillow is an inexpensive low commitment way to add pop. White walls can also help to tone down potentially overwhelming bright colors in a rug or in your bedding.

Next, think about accessories. If it’s a low budget or minimal commitment you need, then look into garage sale or thrift store finds as well as Winners or HomeSense. Keep your eyes peeled for small tables, lamps and mirrors that you like the shape of. If the color is wrong spray paint the item in a bright color to coordinate in your room. The Internet has many tutorials on how to Paint these items if you need help with that.

With white walls you can use a mix of patterns like floral, stripe and geometric, to punch things up. Just try to link them together with the common hue like in the picture below.