Renovations don't need to be stressful. From choosing finishes for your home to laying out basement renovations, let Styling Spaces make the whole renovation process just that much easier!

Kitchen & Bathroom Design

Styling Spaces will provide detailed needs analysis of existing areas with subsequent layout plans prepared, along with proposed cabinetry, and hard and soft materials selection. We believe the Kitchen is the heart of a home and it needs to be well organized and beautiful. Bathrooms should be highly functional and rejuvenating. Let us help you have both.


Are you looking to increase the square footage of your home? Finish or renovate the under used space in your basement. We can help make it more functional and attractive.

Basement Renovations can often be done with little disruption to you life and the end result is a great usable space you’ll spend way more time in.

Floor Plan Optimizations

Are you trying to buy a home but you’re not sure if you can make it work for your family? Does it feel like your family has outgrown your current home? Do you have new babies or are you an empty nester? If the needs of your home have changed since you ‘ve bought it, let us show you how to make it right again.

We’ll use our architectural expertise with CAD designs of floor plans and elevations, to facilitate the changes. These proposed floor plan changes will increase the function and enjoyment of your home making it easy to organize, live in and maintain.

We help you make your home look, live and feel better, so that you can too.

Electrical Plans and Lighting Fixtures Choices

Most new homebuilders only supply the minimum requirement for electrical work. If you want your home truly to shine, and be highly functional, you need to incorporate forethought into your lighting plan. It's not easy to determine the scope of work that an electrical plan needs, there are various components that need to be well thought out so that you're not drilling costly holes in walls afterwards.

Let us design a comprehensive plan right down to the fixture details for you then you can rest easy knowing that everything has been thought of.

Materials and Finishes Selection

Floor plan enhancement, exterior and interior finishes selection, advice on selecting the most cost-effective upgrades for your budget, these are just some of the things Styling Spaces will help you with when building a new home.

We can help you make the sometimes hundreds of décor decisions that go along with building a new home.

  • Enhance the floor plans to suit your lifestyle, and give advice on selecting the most cost-effective upgrades for your budget.
  • Which door style, hardware, flooring, light fixtures and plumbing?
  • What about electrical needs, kitchen and closet spaces?

Styling Spaces will work on floor plan enhancement for new and existing homes.

  • Exterior finish selection for new homes.
  • Space Planning, outlining the most effective layout of new or existing furnishings.
  • Accessory placement that relates to your lifestyle.

If needed, we will provide a scaled drawing to help you visualize the design.

Consultations for the DIYer

Not sure if your ideas will fly? Need a second opinion from someone with know how? Were can I find more space in this house? Let us help you with the final details.

Can I move that wall? What is the best layout for this room? How do I fit a new bathroom in this space? How big, how much? 
This list can go on and on and we can help you answer all of them. Easily! Contact us today.

Styling Spaces offers:

  • Conceptual design planning
  • Color consultations
  • Accessories, decor and lighting suggestions
  • Renovations collaborations
  • Space planning
  • New home built planning

Let us be your design partner with the know-how, and it will save you from lots of headaches, not to mention time and money.
When you use our consultation services we will help you source you produce and pass on our designer discounts to you. Your savings will more than cover the expense of our service.


Set up a consultation with an interior designer today and make your space a better place.
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